Meeting the Challenges for Today’s Large-Scale Utilities

Peaceplus is a highly-configurable end-to-end CIS for utilities, retailers, and network companies designed to support smart metering, business intelligence, social media portals and converged services. Deployed in over 40 markets, Peaceplus supports a diverse range of business types and customer profiles; from mass-market and residential, small business and commercial, to complex commercial and industrial enterprises.

Why Peaceplus?

Peaceplus is comprised of a number of standalone and interrelated modules that can be configured to support specific business types, including regulated integrated utilities, as well as deregulated retailers, network companies, and utilities.

  • Future-proof systems – Service Oriented Architecture allows customers to install and add targeted solutions like Call Center, Collections, and Smart Meter.
  • Unleash Browser Power with an Interface that is easy for agents to learn and utilize.
  • Advance industry specific business processes with our Workflow component; customer sign-ups, service orders, marketing campaigns, and debt recovery.
  • Reduce staffing costs by consolidating resources. Fewer agents are required to operate the system across the customer lifecycle.
  • Utilize built-in customer risk analysis and minimize debt recovery costs with targeted debt treatment paths.

Functionality, Features and Benefits

Key Components & Functionality

Peaceplus is proven to reduce operational costs, expedite billing and revenue collection, and deliver cost-effective outcomes to energy companies. The product is comprised of standalone and interrelated modules that can be configured to support specific business types, including regulated integrated utilities, as well as deregulated retailers, network companies, and utilities.

Additionally, Peaceplus supports energy companies facing regulatory change. Our Peaceplus market model configuration provides the capability to adapt and support any regulatory environment. The standalone modules provide the ability to augment and extend an existing legacy CIS by addressing specific business challenges, without the need for a costly and disruptive full-scale CIS replacement.

Sales & Marketing

The Peaceplus Sales & Marketing component minimizes the costs of customer enrolment by streamlining the customer acquisition process; from the efficient capture of prospect details via call centre and online channels, to tailoring and quoting the product offer, managing the provisioning process, through to sign-up.
Market Solution Module

The Peaceplus Market Solution module automates the exchange of B2B market transaction data with transaction hubs, market registries, and other market participants in competitive retail energy markets. It supports the spectrum of market transactions from customer switching to usage, billing and payment, and performs automated exception handling and follow-up workflow management.
Call Centre Module

The Peaceplus Call Centre module provides a front-end view of customer information and history, improving call centre productivity and service levels with usability-engineered browser screens. Features such as collapsible panels and tabs, drag-and-drop, sortable columns, data searching and filtering options, and extensive graphics provide instant and intuitive access to consolidated customer information.

The Peaceplus Workflow component supports the transition and validation of business processes throughout your organization, including service orders, customer communications, and marketing campaigns, as well as providing full tracking and reporting on these processes. This powerful feature sets Peaceplus apart from other CIS applications. The intuitive workflow design user interface allows you to automate your business processes, set minimum and maximum time limits between transitions, define multiple paths that processes can follow, set conditions for transitions to occur, and define triggers that initiate business logic elsewhere in the system, your company, or the market.
Site Management

The Peaceplus Site Management component manages physical locations and addresses as well as the geography (streets, cities, states, markets, and others) that contain them, as well as network infrastructure.
Asset Management

The Peaceplus Asset Management component manages meters and other devices physically present at a site that measure, consume, or contain energy.
Rates Management

The Peaceplus Rates Management component manages the prices charged to customers, including fixed, variable, index-based, and unmetered rates. Support for tiered, seasonal, indexed and time-of-use rates is also provided.

The Peaceplus Contracts component manages billing arrangements beyond rate-based products, including contracts for unmetered services, area lighting, gas transportation, and other special arrangements.

The Peaceplus Billing component delivers accurate, reliable multi-product billing scalable to the largest transaction volumes across all billing models. The configurable and extensible billing engine provides usage calculation, usage estimation, bill calculation and rule-based validation for mass market, mid-market and industrial customer billing in a single solution.

The Peaceplus Receivables component manages the revenue receipting process as well as the interface to your general ledger system.  Peaceplus supports a wide variety of payment options, including direct debit arrangements, credit or debit cards, across-the-counter cashiering, pre-payments, budget billing (equalized payments), instalment plans, and more.
Collections Module

The Peaceplus Collections module helps reduce bad debt, optimise cost-to-collect, and improve receivables cash flow. The module includes a range of features, including configurable credit scoring and risk analysis; tailored treatment paths by customer profile; configurable credit actions (charges, statement messages, letters); collections agency referrals and performance reporting; multi-jurisdiction regulatory compliance; streamlined collections call handling; predictive, customer-level collections timelines; payment arrangement calculator; as well as graphical management reporting and best-practice metrics.
Web Self Service Module

The Peaceplus Web Self Service module manages online portals for customers and other stakeholders, such as landlords and marketers. This highly configurable module determines the range (e.g. an individual customer or groups of customers), content (i.e. the type of information the user can view and the specific functions they can execute), and format (e.g. graphics, logos, and layout) of the information presented. Web Self Service reduces customer communication costs by enabling customers to view and pay their bills online, submit and track service requests, and access meter and usage data in graphical and downloadable formats.
Social Media Module

The Peaceplus Social Media module is designed to respond quickly to customer issues, broadcast emergency information, steer public opinion of the company in real time, and turn customers into fans. The Peaceplus Social Media module features web portal and native mobile applications to access social media content; integration with popular third-party platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter; utility-specific content including achievements, leader boards, notifications and promotions to encourage specific consumer behaviours and drive engagement; a centralised administration console to manage social media content; and live chat capabilities to increase the availability and ease of customer interaction.

Learn about what Peaceplus can do for your business below:

Regulated Energy Provider

From small municipalities to large, integrated utilities with millions of customers.

Peaceplus combines pre-configured best practice business process, an intuitive and efficient user interface, and a toolkit of pre-built web services to reduce the cost of your implementation and your ongoing operations. In addition Peaceplus’ modular design allows you to augment and extend your current CIS with standalone Peaceplus modules, extending its life for years to come, and addressing the requirements of market reform or market changes.

Benefits for Regulated Energy Providers

  1. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Ease of Integration
  3. Transition to Deregulation
Competitive Retailer

From start-ups to well-established, large-scale retailers with millions of customers.

Peaceplus provides a range of highly configurable business processes that reduce staffing costs, provide efficient revenue collection, and less vendor change management support in a complete end-to-end solution that synchronizes with the market. The system is smart-grid ready, and supports rapid expansion into new markets and customer types all on a single platform.

Benefits for Competitive Retailers

  1. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  2. End-to-End Solution
  3. All-in-One Offering
Distribution Network

From small city grids to vast state grids with millions of metering points.

Peaceplus is designed to support the specific needs of Transmission and Distribution companies and utilities operating in deregulated competitive markets, providing energy auditability and supply point traceability, as well as being the “source of truth” in the market for site, meter, and consumption data.

Benefits for Deregulated Utilities and T&D Networks

  1. Support for Meter to Cash
  2. Standing/Market Data Repository

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